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Pies Surprise: A Review

Villa has always been a hidden haven for all kinds of foodstuff. There’s always Kong Kee for the Chinese variety, Dac’s for afternoon snacks & kuchinta, Mama’s Kitchen for those chewy delectable cookies (think I’ll buy some later) and of course, seafood. What is a visit to Iloilo without a visit to Villa’s seaside restaurants? But now, you have all the more reason to drop by this district with a new establishment put up: Pies Surprise (said with perk & a commercial-worthy pitch)!

My selection of pies

Pies Surprise is a welcome establishment in my book since it serves – pies. Deh. Perhaps the only place that serves pies with variety is Tinapayan (can you say buko & egg?) & Jollibee (peach mango & tuna, a childhood staple). Passing by the road facing Kong Kee, I was quite intrigued with what the new mod-looking building held. It was only a few days ago that I actually persuaded a friend to come with me & sample what the shop offered. And surprise! Well, not really, pun intended. Pies! Of all sorts!

With a gasp & a skip, I slithered towards the glass display with a gigantic blackboard of the menu behind it. I ordered a pepperoni calzone & apple pillow a la mode – basically pizza & apple pie with ice cream in an enclosed pastry. The manangs who attended to us were wonderfully kind & noticed that it was indeed, our first time at the shop. They offered all the information necessary & assisted me in ordering with very helpful suggestions. The prices were so darn cheap & the servings were large enough to satisfy even me. Pies Surprise had a set up which enables one to just kick back & enjoy the food. The filling was incredibly good & savory for the pepperoni calzone whereas the apple pillows were reminiscent of Dulgies Apple Strudel only better & more convenient to eat. It was a very satisfactory culinary experience & I must say, it would have been an excellent one if the place was air conditioned.

Pies Surprise is located in the building in front of Kong Kee at Villa & opens from 10 AM-8PM. The menu is quite varied & does not only give attention to pies. Pasta, backribs & several desserts are a part of the product mix as well with prices ranging from Php30-200 only. I swear. This dining establishment just made my whole week! A must try!


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