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A Tasteful Mission

I am on a mission to find the best Kiwi Lemonade here in the dark ages of Iloilo. I have always been partial to Kiwi Lemonade since the day it deliciously quenched my thirst. I discovered it rather by accident. I was ordering a Raspberry Iced Tea & it wasn’t available, so I settled for the Kiwi Lemonade. Oh lucky day. Unfortunately for me, I have found only two establishments that sell this said drink. Blue Jay & Auntie Anne’s are saviors on a hot day!

Auntie Anne’s Kiwi Lemonade in hand

  • Blue Jay – Blue Jay’s lemonade is light & has a mild taste to it. A quite refreshing taste, actually. It tastes good with or without ice & does wonders to your mouth on your typical Philippine summer day. I cannot remeber the last time I had one, but I think it costs around P60-70.
  •  Auntie Anne’s – This one is more concentrated & has a very kiwi-like aftertaste. At P65 you can’t go wrong. But you could really savor its more commercialized flavor. Located conveniently at a spot in SM City Iloilo, youdo not need to go out of your way to enjoy a green tinted cup of sustenance.

I need to know! Where else I can get one?


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This entry was posted on April 10, 2010 by in Food.


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